January 12, 2015 | Travel |

The Zucca's Spanish Expedition

The Zucca's spent the last half of November in Spain researching and exploring the Northern wine industry. "We toured some exceptional wineries in the La Rioja and Navarra regions of Northern Spain," Carol said. As with Italy, France, and elsewhere the Zuccas have toured, these Spanish wineries left lasting impressions on the couple.

Gary was particularly intrigued by the unique stories and long family lineages at many of these businesses. "What impressed me most about the Spanish wineries was their history. Most wine makers are in their third to fifth generation; some are making wines the same way they did 1,000 years ago, and some are using the most modern techniques," he said.

The Zucca's wanted to share their experiences with ZMV wine club members and came up with a way to do just that. "[We] brought back wines we thought our wine club members would like to try," Carol said. "We hope you will be able to join us for a special tasting on Saturday, January 31st. We would love to hear what you think."

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