Carol Zucca
October 16, 2011 | Carol Zucca

Another crush update

This is definitely a strange year. I am playing musical grapes with crush dates due to different changes in grape ripeness, etc. It looks like we will be pressing the final grapes into the second week of November. This is a record for us. During our 15 years of making wine here in this area, the latest was the end of October. However, if things continue to move along, it should be a great harvest with super flavors.

Now down to the details. Pressing the Syrah is a go for Monday, Oct 17th. The Grenache will be crushed on Tuesday, Oct 18th. We have had to postpone the Malbec crush until the following week since the brix is only at 22.2

Tentative schedule for the week of Oct 24-28 is Tuesday, Oct 25th, press the Grenache. Wednesday, Oct 26th, crush the Malbec and Friday, Oct 28, crush the Barbera. Of course, all of the dates (except Oct 17 and 18) are subject to change depending on the flavors, etc. Thus updates to follow. Talk soon


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