The process of winemaking starts in the vineyards where the sunlight magically hits the grapevine leaves and, along with water and a little dirt, produces sugar and flavors that are stored in the grapes.

Our philosophy at Zucca is to let the vineyard come out in the wine and express itself. We let the terroir of the site and the grape varietal convey what they have to offer. Just try one varietal like Barbera, from 2 distinct sites, to find out for yourself.

Since our growers really know their vineyards and the grapes, great wines can be produced with little meddling by the winemaker. We, as winemakers, nurture the grape potential and try to bring out the best flavors in the wine that the grape can produce.

However, the most important time in the life of a wine is the day the grapes picked. Here the wine potential is determined and fixed.
The winemaker adds yeast (or not and uses wild yeast from the vineyard) and the yeast proceed to do their job of converting the grape sugars into alcohol and other flavor compounds. We just facilitate the process.

If you are interested in the winemaking process, please follow the links to the specific steps we take to make, what we think, are great wines:
1. Winemaking steps
2. Filtering steps
3. Our publications

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