The Zuccas are not just your small town winemakers, they are constantly pushing and researching in the field on winemaking, marketing and business in the wine industry. They are nationally recognized and some of their current wine publications are available for you to read as well:

1. Nitrogen Analysis

  • Published July 2010, Wine Business Monthly

2. Sustainable Viticulture and Winery Practices in California: What Is It, and Do Customers Care?

  • Presented at Wine in the World: Markets, Tourism and Globalization, Second International Conference on Economics, Management Sciences and History of Wine. Bordeaux, France, June 5-7th, 2008

3. The boutique winery phenomenon in Argentina and California: global parallels and regional distinctions.

  • Presented at 2005 International Wine Marketing Symposium. Sonoma State University, June 2005 and published in conference proceedings.

4. Direct to Consumer Sales in Small Wineries: A Case Study of Tasting Room and Wine Club Sales

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