Carol Zucca
March 16, 2012 | Carol Zucca

RAVE Conference at UCD

Does filtering wine influence flavors?  Not according to the research done by Dr David Block at UCD.  He tested both white and red wines and filtered them through a variety of different filters; pad, depth and membrane of different sizes.

Using a trained sensory panel of experts, there was no change in flavors between the control and the different filters.  That is good news.  We filter to assure clarity and microbial stability.  That insures that all the bugs are out of the wine and there will be no additional fermentation in the wine after bottling.  You don't want any corks popping out in your cellar, do you?  Now we know that there will be no change in flavors due to the filtration except those flavors that change over time in the cellar (that we all want)  I love good news.


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